Video:: In Conversation with Etel Adnan

On 5 June 2015, IMMA opened a new exhibition of works by Etel Adnan. In this video, Senior Curator Rachael Thomas speaks with Etel in her home in Paris, France about her art and poetry. Also featured in the video is Rachael Gilbourne, Assistant Curator, introducing the exhibition Etel Adnan at IMMA.

Lebanese-born author, poet, playwright and artist Etel Adnan has recently been rediscovered internationally as one of the most influential artists of the 21st Century. This exhibition is the first presentation of her iconic work in Ireland. The exhibition seeks to express the many strands of her practice, and to do so in ways that are revealing of the artist’s avant-garde approach, and her spirit and curiosity for life. Adnan herself requested of the exhibition, to “make it alive!”

Etel Adnan was born in 1925 in Beirut. Leaving her birthplace at the end of 1949 for Paris, she later moved to California in 1955. There she studied philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley, and encountered numerous writers of the Beat generation. Personally shaped by displacement and the trauma of the Lebanese Civil War, Adnan continues to work across languages and continents. For many years as a writer she has been recognised as a significant and distinct figure in the cultural discourses of the Middle East. Alongside her writing, painting, drawing and tapestry have always been key components of her work, and with this exhibition, IMMA is delighted to celebrate Etel Adnan in all her creative vitality.

The exhibition of Etel Adnan runs 5 June – 13 September 2015 in the East Ground, Gordon Lambert Galleries at IMMA. 

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Video: Rachael Thomas, Senior Curator: Head of Exhibitions, IMMA, in conversation with artist Etel Adnan, in Paris, 16 May 2015 as well as Rachael Gilbourne, Assistant Curator: Exhibitions, IMMA, introducing the exhibition Etel Adnan at Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

Filmed and produced on the occasion of the solo presentation, Etel Adnan, in the Gordon Lambert Galleries, East Ground, Irish Museum of Modern Art, currently running until 13 September 2015. Photography Tom Byrne.


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