Peter Adam Opening the Eileen Gray Symposium

Eileen Gray
Eileen Gray

In anticipation of the our upcoming International Symposium on Eileen Gray, here is a taster from Peter Adam who is opening our Symposium on Tuesday evening. Adam is a British filmmaker and author. Born in Germany, his work includes Eileen Gray: Her Life and Work, Outlines : David Hockney and Art of the Third Reich.

‘Looking back at the many different phases of her work one discovers a singular mind, which coloured everything she created. Her contribution to twentieth century architecture is in her refreshing thoughts and un-dogmatic approach to the quality of living. She fought many battles most of all with herself. She did not look for fame or medals; another kind of dream inhabited her outlook on things and man. She felt deeply the spirit of things and objects, reflecting and perfecting them until a house, chair or a table became the friend of man.’

-Peter Adam

International Symposium: Eileen Gray – Tuesday 13 May – Wednesday 14 May 2014

For Tickets, book here.



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