Sheela Gowda Talks on Soundcloud

In April, we held two talks with curators and artist of the Sheela Gowda exhibition. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, have a listen here.

04 Apr 2014

Prelude Talk | Grant Watson

As a prelude to the exhibition opening of Sheela Gowda Open Eye Policy; Grant Watson (curator, writer) discusses his curatorial interests on the various contexts that inform Indian contemporary art, and explores the cultural, social and political fabric that surrounds a reading of Gowda’s work.

05 Apr 2014

In Conversation with Sheela Gowda

Sheela Gowda (artist) discusses with exhibition co-curators Annie Fletcher (Curator Exhibitions, Van Abbe museum Eindhoven) and Grant Watson (curator, writer and Senior Curator and Research Associate, Iniva London), her artistic concepts and methodologies and reflects on their shared experiences of developing this retrospective exhibition for its various touring venues.


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